25 Ways to Explore and Create

Adventure in Your Family’s

Everyday Life

Our family has always turned the simplest daily tasks into grand adventures.  We believe that life is a matter of perspective and your kids will imitate you.  

“Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.” Nicholas Sparks


We decided to compile a list of 25 ideas to spark your imagination and start turning your everyday life into an adventure!



There are a million reasons why as parents we struggle to find the time to create experiences; we get up early, barely get the kids out the door for school, sit in traffic on the way to work, hustle home to get the kids to their activities, make dinner, rush them off to bed and then plop down on the couch in exhaustion. There doesn’t seem to be enough time or energy in the day and it seems easier to give kids technology and take a break ourselves then to spend further time engaging them.  Why not have them play outside, create forts in the living room or play on their own in their rooms?  We don’t let them play because with that comes outdoor supervision in a world we don’t trust, messes to clean up and playing by themselves, well they don’t know how to. 


The Common Sense Census (Common Sense Media, 2015), a representative survey of American tweens (8- to 12-year-olds) and teens (13- to 18-year-olds), documented that outside of school and homework, tweens spend almost six hours per day (5:55 hrs.) and teens spend almost nine hours per day (8:56 hrs.) using media, including watching TV, playing video games, using social media, using the Internet, reading, and listening to music.  (To access the full research brief, visit


Turn the tv off, put your phone down and engage your family.  Pick one adventure from the list each week. 

Our hope is that after doing it a few times it will become a habit

that your kids will ask for.  



“The future will belong to the nature-smart—those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need.” Richard Louv author of The Last Child in the Woods


Start today. Be a strong role model and teach your children how to balance life and technology.  In creating adventures you get to show them another side of life, one filled with excitement, exploration and laughter.  In the end as an adult you will feel lighter and appreciate the moments created.  Before you know it they will be off exploring on their own, unaware they haven’t had technology.

Pick One Today 


  1. Discover a new local playground

  2. Build a couch fort - kids still love doing this and it makes for some of the coolest hideouts. 

  3. Have a picnic in your living room - lay a blanket out, get paper plates or napkins and enjoy lunch or dinner.

  4. Go for a Hike - REI outside has trails for every area across the country

  5. Try a new local pizza place - are you used to ordering from the big chain delivery pizza places?  Check out your local restaurants and dine-in.  

  6. Stay up a little later, lay in the grass and star gaze - do you know any constellations?  Research ahead of time and see who can spot them.

  7. Have a dance party with the family - parents only the children are watching, so let loose!  They will love you more for it.  Don’t be afraid to slow dance with your partner in front of them.

  8. Create a meal as a family - we have been cooking with our 5 year old for years now, so there is no age too young.  Find a way to incorporate everyone.

  9. Go to the local library and check out a book to read as a family.  Every library has play areas for the kids to meet new friends.  Let them have fun while you read a book.  Try to stay off your phone!

  10. BUBBLES - they can be purchased for a dollar and will provide hours of fun.

  11. Try a science project - use materials you already have at home. Enjoy the process and don’t worry if it’s a flop.  It’s about the time together.

  12. Make a homemade pizza starting with homemade dough.  It is cheaper and doesn’t take as long as you think!

  13. Go for a walk in your neighborhood - don’t forget to say hi to everyone you pass.  An art that has been forgotten in many parts of the world.

  14. Host a potluck dinner party with other family friends - everyone brings a different part of the meal!

  15. Jump in the car after dinner and find a local ice cream shop

  16. Set up a tent inside and camp for the night - don’t forget to tell ghost stories over a fake campfire.

  17. Wake up early and find a spot to watch the sunrise - every city or town has a quintessential spot.  Do some research or explore different spots.  Pack coffee, juice and bagels to enjoy while you soak up the rising rays. 

  18. Design an art project for the whole family - get paints out, be messy and laugh.

  19. Pack lunch and find a spot to eat outside - in the city find a bench to relax.  In the suburbs hit up a local park, nature trail or the fields at the school.

  20. Change your scenery - Live in the suburbs? Take a drive around the city.  Live in the city? Drive to the country or take a bus/train to a new destination.  

  21. Send mail to your friends - start a pen pal program with your kids.  This art is not dead, plus it is exciting to get mail!

  22. Movie night - let the kids pick their favorite movie, make popcorn, get your coziest blankets and snuggle up on the couch (put your phones in the other room)!

  23. Drive a different route to school, sports or any activity.  Get excited about the new discoveries out their windows.

  24. Eat dinner outside at a table, on a blanket or just in the grass

  25. Try a new recipe - take it one step further and try a new ethnic food.  Do some research and teach the kids about another part of the world.


Life doesn’t happen to you - it is what you make of it.  Find small ways to change or add to your normal routine.  In creating variety, you will live a more fulfilling and exciting life.  One that your family can look back on and say “We lived the good life”.