Bend, OR - Bend Brewing Company. 7.9.18


It was a hot day so we decided to float the river in Bend.  I had been boasting about how rough the rapids were in CT close to near where I grew up.  We hit up Tumalo Canoe and Kayak for a tube and shuttle ride all for $18.  The heat was hitting us as we approached the river.  I put one foot in the river and the breath was taking from me as the freezing water rushed by.  This was quite a surprise and I wasn't sure I could drop in the tube, but I made the plunge.  We slowly drifted down the river and I laughed at how peaceful it was.  Then the rapids were upon us and before I know it I am stuck.  Quickly I push off and continue down with my head hung.  This experienced New Englander had been dumped in the tiny rapids of the Deschuttes River.  

After the sweet float we decided we wanted to grab some lunch on the river.  We headed over to Bend Brewing Company.  As we walked up there were picnic tables at the entrance, several metal tables with umbrellas and a decent indoor set up.  The inside boasted an authentic pub style.  When the waiter came over I immediately ordered my typical Moscow Mule to soothe my bruised ego from the earlier river mishap.  Alexis ordered the Strawberry Fields cocktail that consisted of Crater Lake Vodka, fresh basil, fresh lime, strawberry puree, soda water.  While enjoying our refreshing drinks we had an Ahi Tuna Quinoa Bowl and a Field Greens Salad topped with Steelhead fish.  

Wrapping up lunch we decided to grab our drinks and head out to the lawn adjacent to the brewery.  They had Adirondack chairs and benches throughout with a corn hole game set up.  Thankfully as we walked down a young woman got up from her seat and allowed us to slide right in.  All the seats were otherwise taken.  We sat back in the Adirondack chairs and drifted off in thought as the quiet music hummed from the speaker near us.  The river flowed by us as the sun started to set in the distance.  It was a great day.

Bend Brewing Company is exactly as they boast a laid-back vibe with friendly service.  We recommended you stopping in for the food, drinks and environment. 

Address: 1019 NW Brooks St, Bend, OR 97701

Phone: 541.383.1599

Jenna Szyluk