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Sawyer's cooking class


We constantly encourage the boys to find their passions.  Our youngest, at an early age expressed a desire to cook.  Efforts to locate a local class grew tiresome. We encountered the following hurdles: solo classes were only for children age 7 and above, and those offered to younger children were "Mommy and Me classes" scheduled during the middle of the day. This was not conducive for working parents, nor for children who attend full day school (in our case Pre-K). We were determined to create a home school cooking class. In this section you will see the classes we have created along with pictures and recipes. While keeping safety in mind we have allowed him to perform every aspect of the recipe, from cracking the eggs to putting the final product into the oven.

This week’s lesson:

Lesson #23 - Classic Gingerbread Cookies


Classes are taught weekly

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Before Starting the Lessons - Helpful Tips:

1. Wash Your Hands

2. Read the recipe all the way through

3. Get the kitchen ready: set out supplies and ingredients

4. Don't be afraid to substitute ingredients - there are lots of recommendations online

5. Let the kids complete each task themselves.  They will only have fun if you are prepared for it to get messy.  Tips: a) clean up as you go instead of waiting until the end  b) be ready to fix  (i.e. if it calls for egg whites let them try but then quickly do it yourself if it doesn't work or be ready to pick shells out)

6. Remember this is more about the experience than the final product!  

7. Finally - safety is the number one priority.  Monitor the younger ones carefully and at times provide guidance according to your childs ability.