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Lesson #26 - Christmas Cake

This week Alexis made a grand appearance and was able to spend time with Jameson in the kitchen. While it didn’t exactly turn out how they had anticipated they certainly had their share of laughter. Most families are more thoughtful during the month of December and make note to spend time with family. We are thankful that Alexis gets to spend time with Jamison in the kitchen at least once a month and we make the extra effort to make sure it happens. You only get to be a parent once so make it worth it and find time even when it isn’t holiday season!

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Lesson #25 - Melted Snowman Cookies

It seems that as soon as Thanksgiving is over, life goes into hyper drive. We are running around trying to find time to see friends, family and attend multiple Christmas events. Christmas is the only holiday that takes over an entire month (unless you’re Alexis, then Halloween takes the entire month as well). It is no surprise that we have been squeezing in cooking lessons between school and rock climbing. While we rush everywhere we try to remember to enjoy the moments. When you set out to create your Christmas cookies slow down and enjoy the time spent together. Tuck that phone into the corner, crank up the music and have fun!

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Lesson #24 - Santa Cupcakes

At our house we are getting into the Christmas spirit in Hallmark style. This week Jameson invited his school friend over to create Santa Cupcakes. Madison and Jameson had such a great time in the kitchen that when they were done they ran off to play downstairs. It was not too much longer that they both came into the kitchen with a box of toys and a pretend suitcase. They declared they were going on vacation together and went off to Jameson’s room to play.

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Lesson #23 - Classic Gingerbread Cookies

Sunday was our first day home from our big Thanksgiving trip and we got right to decorating the house for Christmas! The green and red bins came down from the attic and the smell of pine cones filled the air. The boys bounced around excited as we turned up the Christmas music and began decorating the house.

Sawyer couldn’t wait to bake and dove in with a classic Christmas recipe - Gingerbread Cookies.

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Lesson #21 - Sweet Sugar Cookies with a Friend

We have been cooking over a year with Sawyer and today was our first lesson with a friend. Our next door neighbor and Sawyer play all the time. They have become quiet good friends. She is a strong, independent little girl who rolls with the boys and is up for anything. She did not hesitate one bit to jump in on the lesson.

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Lesson #20 - Classic Banana Bread

The rain was drizzling outside, the air was crisp and the boys had the day off from school. In the corner of our kitchen bananas lay rotting away. No matter how quickly we eat them before we know it they are goners. Alexis had the idea to turn them into a delicious homemade banana bread. In today’s lesson she made a guest appearance and had a blast with Sawyer. He is not a fan of bananas and certain

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