DIY - American Ninja Warrior Platforms

Boys are always climbing and jumping from anything they can. In our house American Ninja Warrior has become a favorite weekend tv show. When not watching the show they replicate it by making obstacle courses outside and in the basement. Kelly is turning 8 this September and asked for the theme to be American Ninja Warrior. We scouted the local playground to use for most of the course, but the highlight will be the beginning platforms from the tv show. We found ideas all over the internet, but below is how we ultimately made the platforms.


Supplies (Four Platforms)

  • 2 - 2 in x 4 in x 8 ft Common Construction Lumber

  • 2 - 1.5 in x 1.5 in x 96in Mixed Grain lumber

  • 2 1/2” Common Nail

  • 1 1/4” Common Nail

  • Hammer

  • Electric Saw

  • Measuring Tape

  • 2 cans spray paint



Pre-cut all the pieces.

  • 2x4 Lumber - cut the lumber into 12 inch legs with a 25 degree angle. You will need two legs per board for a total of 8 legs.

  • 2x4 lumber - cut the lumber into 7 inch legs with a 25 degree angle. You will need one per board for a total of 4 legs.

  • 1.5x1.5 lumber - cut the lumber into 2 foot long strips. You will need two strips per board for a total of 8 strips.

**This step should only be done by adults with the children at a distance. Make sure to wear safety glasses and follow the instructions for your individual saw.


Step two:

Start by lining up the 1.5x.1.5 lumber strips to the top edge of the platform. You will need the second strip placed underneath as support. Using the 1 1/4” nails hammer one into each corner to ensure it is lined up. Then hammer one in the middle. Then spacing them out evenly hammer 6 more nails across the top.

If your kids want to join, start the nail for them. Kelly (8) did this step with ease and Jameson (5) needed some assistance.



Measure 10.5 inches from the top of the board down the side. This is where you will line up the bottom second strip. Once you have both sides lined up, hammer a 1 1/4” nail into one side. Don’t worry if the other side slips. Once you hammer the first nail in, line up the other side and hammer in a 1 1/4”nail. Use the same process as above to hammer in 9 total nails across the board.



Now the two strips are done we will set the two larger legs in place. Lifting the board at an angle, place the two larger legs right below the top strip. They should sit flat against the board with the angle end resting on the ground. Using a 2 1/2” common nail, hammer it through the center of one of the 2x4 legs. During this process I just eyed where the center would be. I placed my feet at the end of the board and the leg I was hammering to help hold it in place. While you are hammering, the second leg may wiggle and even fall. Don’t worry about it as you should be able to get the nail through the first leg. Once the first leg is attached repeat the same steps above with the second leg. When both legs are attached with one nail add two additional 2 1/2” nails to other side of the original nail for a total of 3 nails per leg.



In this step you will be attaching the smaller leg. Under the second strip slide in the smaller leg and center it the best you can. Perfection will not matter, but feel free to measure. This leg should also fit flat against the board with the angled end resting on the ground. Using a 2 1/2” nail, hammer it through the center of the leg. Once this is attached, hammer two more nails on either side of the original nail.

At this point your platform is complete!! Try it out to ensure that it is stable. The adults both jumped on the board and it held our weight.



This step is the most fun and the kids will definitely want to join. Choose any color spray paint you want. We wanted to stay consistent with the American Ninja Warrior course so we used red. Line up either trash bags or newspaper underneath the platform prior to spraying.

**Make sure the kids are not wearing clothes that might get ruined. Kelly (8) did this step with ease and Jameson (5) needed some assistance.