About Our Family

Our family is just like every other family in 2018.  We struggle with the balance of technology and enjoying the childhood we had.  As kids we wandered the streets, played with sticks and made up games.  With the sunrise, we would head out into the neighborhood, only to come home when the sun set.  You called your friends from the phone that hung from the wall, and if they didn’t show up, well then, they didn’t show up.  The journey would still take place, or you would head over to their house. Do you remember knocking on someone’s door to see if they could come out to play?  Now if someone knocks on the door we look at each other with surprise wondering if we should answer it.

The pressure of being on technology starts with all the adults leading by example.  When Alexis and I are out, we watch adults on dates, completely submerged in their phones, not having conversations.  It is rare to see families with children sitting without their tablets, phones or gaming systems plugged into headphones.   I often find myself the odd one out in conversations, as I don’t know the latest show or the happenings of the newest celebrity.  Our house has one tv, which resides in the kitchen, and is on for no more than a couple hours a week.  Please understand that the boys are allowed technology and often play on their iPad, tablet, Nintendo DS or Nintendo Switch.  We understand the need for a balanced life and that technology is the future.  We know that if we don’t allow the boys to be engaged on some level we are hindering them. We strongly believe, however, that they shouldn’t sit for mindless hours in front of the screen.  

As a family we are here to say we get it!  We understand that technology is imbedded in today’s culture and it is not going anywhere.  We want to mesh the best parts of our childhood into today’s culture to provide a new age adventurous childhood.  We want to promote family exploration for everyone.   We believe in balance and moderation.  How do you find the balance?  Our hope is through our family we engage and inspire your family to try exploring.   The word explorer can seem intimidating.  Please don’t let it scare you away.  The dictionary definition of an explorer is: a person who explores an unfamiliar area.  As a family we seek out adventures that are unfamiliar to us.  We do this through food, outdoor adventures, local excursions and reading.  Sometimes we do some serious exploration through hiking to the top of a mountain or kayaking on the river.  Other times our outdoor adventure can be as simple as playing in the back yard or heading to a new local playground.  We live in the suburbs of Portland so often find ourselves seeking adventure in the “big city” by visiting local restaurants, shops or hot spots.  At the end of the day our goal is to get your family off their phones, laptops and iPads to engage one another and the world we live in.  It’s an exciting place out there!

Join your family with ours as we promote all families to get out and explore the world.