Beaverton, OR - Nak Won 8.20.18


The boys had spent most of the early summer on the East Coast and we were excited to take them on a West Coast hike. Wildfires had swept the coast causing a dense haze to settle over the city. We decided to venture out to the Pittock Mansion for a quick family hike. It was a wild beast quest that lead us through Forest Park. We were happy and covered in dirt from the long hike we accomplished. As we came out of the woods we thought no better place to stop than at Nak Won for some delicious Korean food. It was serendipitous that we learned all about “The Oregonian” newspaper while at the Pittock Mansion and ended up at Nak Won, the Oregonians top Korean restaurant. They deemed it the “godfather restaurant of Beaverton's unofficial Little Korea”. Over 25 years ago, Tao Ok Lee and her husband moved to the United States. They started Nak Won, which means “paradise”, as a bakery. For 23 years now, Tao Ok Lee, has been the master in the kitchen, personally cook every meal.

The place was bustling when we made our way through the doors. All the walls were covered with tv’s playing a variety of shows from sports to traditional Korean television. Lee’s son, Kon whom is now the owner, greeted Alexis and her father with a warm hug as they have been longtime acquaintances. We were quickly seated in the corner and the food started to flow. It was the boys and my first time at a Korean restaurant, so Alexis and her father were tasked to order an array of food. We enjoyed the Kalbi Beef Short ribs, the pan fried salted Atka Mackerel and Seafood Pajeeon. My favorite is always the Korean short ribs that were cooked to perfection and peeled right off the bones. The flavor was so savory that I found myself wanting more even though I was completely full. The boys had fun trying to work chopsticks, picking up pieces of rice as they ate. We found that Nak Won was a great introduction to authentic Korean food. We will absolutely be going back. It is no surprise that it is rated highly in the Portland Area. Check it out for yourselves.

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Address: 4600 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005

Phone: (503) 646-9382