Old Town Portland, OR - Pine Street Market 8.23.18


Our club was hosting an adult Brew Fest poolside so we decided to take advantage of it and have an impromptu date night. We weren’t really sure what to expect since it was our first time, so we had no plans beyond tasting beer.

Out on the pool deck there were several tables lined up with local breweries sporting their best brews, stickers, hats and other gear. We explored all the beers. My favorite ended up being from West Coast Grocery Company, one of the newest brewers in town. It didn’t take us long to make our way around all the stations and although there was food, nothing was jumping out. We decided to hop in the car and head downtown for dinner.

We quickly decided to check out Pine Street Market. For all my East Coast friends, it is a really small version of Reading Terminal in downtown Philadelphia. Unlike Reading Terminal, which is more of an open farmer’s market, Pine Street is home to nine restaurants located in the historic Carriage & Baggage Building. During the 1900’s the building was originally used as a horse and carriage storage facility. In 1969 the building was designated as a Historical Portland Landmark. Throughout the 70’s it was the location of Portland’s Original Spaghetti Factory and for sometime after that it was host to several different nightclubs. In 2016, Mike Thelin masterfully pulled enough chefs to open Pine Street Markets doors.

As soon as you near the corner you can see this place is bustling with excitement. We pulled open the doors to an array of sounds and smells. Slowly we made our way around the perimeter, checking the menus at all the restaurants. The best part of Pine Street Market was that it met both our needs. I was lured over to Bless Your Heart Burgers where I indulged in a delicious burger and fries. Their burgers are a thin slice of heaven leaving you pleasantly full and not bulging at the belt. The fries where exactly how I enjoy them, thin and crispy! Along with my dinner I enjoyed a light Kolsch beer from Worthy Brewing. While Alexis waited in the line at Marukin Ramen I found a spot nearby at one of the many picnic tables. An array of tables are located throughout the center of the market, where mingling and making friends is easy. Or in our case a photobomb! At Marukin Ramen Alexis ordered the Tonkotsu Shoyu, which is their classic handmade pork bone broth. Feeling a little under the weather she slowly delighted in the warm, smooth noodle dish.

The night is never complete for either of us without some ice-cream. Alexis headed over to Salt and Straws, Wizbangbar, for two soft-serve ice-cream cones. On the West Coast it seems that finding soft-serve is a very difficult task and one of my favorite ways to enjoy ice-cream, so when it is available I order it. Tonight Alexis added a little extra twist and had hers covered in chocolate. Salt and Straw has never let us down.


If you are looking to head out with some friends and can’t decide on one restaurant, then Pine Street Market is the place to go. We highly recommend it and are excited to go back to try other restaurants.

Address: 126 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204