North Portland, OR - Tasty n Sons 6.9.18

As part our mission we want to teach the boys about culture, food and manners.  Our goal here was to get them out of their nike gear and into nice clothes, learn be in a nicer restaurant and all the manners that go with that.  It's time they start holding the door like good gentleman.  We still believe that chivalry is a good thing for boys to learn!

Tonight we made our way to Tasty N Sons for some great food.  The funky metal topped tables in the front were community tables and we sat against the wall in the front.  The vibe was popping and it was packed in the back.  Wooden tables lined the right side, the kitchen was open and you could see the hussle of the team.  The ceilings are high with the industrial architecture visible providing a unique, rustic environment with style.  In typical Portland style you will fit right in at a nice restaurant wearing jeans and vans.  Tasty N Sons was not much different and we loved the atmosphere.   

The boys ordered the staple Mac & Cheese and Hamburger Sliders while we made them try our food.  Our order was shrimp and grits, maple syrup yams and battered cod.  All new things for the boys.  Unfortunately, our appetite got the best of us tonight and we don't have any pictures of our meal.  That only means that we will have to head back for another round.

Address: 3808 N Williams Ave C, Portland, OR 97227

Phone: 503.621.1400

Jenna Szyluk