NW Portland, OR - Bamboo Sushi 6.27.18


On our way to the airport for a 9pm red eye flight we stopped off at Bamboo Sushi for a fantastic meal before I flew to the east coast.  We were looking for something light and fast, but not a fast food joint. 

The front of the restaurant was all windows. We passed through a large glass door and were greeted by several filled tables and a bar area, back lit in a purple hue.  As we walked to the back, we noticed intimate tables near sushi bar, which is where we chose to take a seat.  Here we were able to see the master chefs gracefully create lined plates with all types of sushi.  It was an art form in which each had their speciality and moved smoothly without much communication.  

We were given a complimentary dish of edamame to get us started as we waited for our order. As a starter we ordered the crunchy fried, spicy cauliflower, followed by the Green Machine, Plant house and finally Chasing the Dragon.  The Green Machine was the highlight of the night.

Overall Bamboo Sushi was a perfect fit for our needs and we would absolutely recommend any of their locations.

In line with many of our philosophies in life it would not feel right to not mention that in 2008 they became the very first world certified sustainable sushi restaurant.  Bamboo Sushi's food philosophy is "sustainably caught, humanely raised, naturally grown. No compromises."  

Address: 836 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210

Phone: 971.229.1925  


Jenna Szyluk