SE Portland, OR - Pine State Biscuits 7.6.18


At 3:00 am EST I rose to make my way to the Philly airport.   I was too tired to think about much and just made my way to my flight where I slept for the first 4 hours.  It was 9:30 am when landed at PDX Airport from the cross country flight.  My belly was now rumbling and I was ready for some breakfast; my favorite meal of the day.


Alexis navigated the car to SE Portland where we were barely able to find a parking spot.  As we walked up to Pine State Biscuits the line was out the door.  It has rave reviews so we patiently waited in the line as it moved fairly smoothly.  When we made our way through the door we could smell the flavors and hear the bustling of the busy crew.  A small window gave a glimpse into the kitchen and we were able to see a baker rolling out the dough for the biscuits.

After pursuing the chalk board we both agreed to share the The Reggie Deluxe with gravy on the side (something I regret later).   The service was quick and the sandwich was tasty.  If you are looking for some good, heavy southern cooking Pine State Biscuits is the place to be.  I learned later that the grits were in order.

The restaurant was filled with small old wooden tables that were packed with happy people.   Out the back door was a decent size patio where friendly pets were welcome to join their owners.  The overall experience was fun and worth the wait to get your hands on one of their biscuits.

Address: 1100 SE Division #100, Portland, OR 97202

Phone: 503.236.3346

Jenna Szyluk