Troutdale, OR - Sugarpine Drive-In 7.14.18


Our venture to Sugarpine was long awaited and worth every moment. It was early April when Jenna and the boys moved out and I had the opportunity to really show-off Portland and all the great ice-cream venues. They loved them all, but being from the East Coast, she ultimately asked a question for which I did not have the answer, “what’s your favorite soft serve?” With limited, mainly fast food options we kept our eyes peeled. While scrolling instagram feeds for upcoming hot spots, there was a huge ice cream cone with a delicious vanilla soft serve filled to the brim. Further reading led us to SugarPine, located just south of the Sandy River Delta or better known to us as 1,000 acre dog park.

Although the grand opening was listed in July, we couldn’t wait. In June, while at the dog park, we sauntered over to check out Sugarpine. The stand alone building located next to the parking lot which is crowded with people day floating or playing in the river, is in an ideal location. There were people working so we decided to have a look. The sounds of hammering and drilling stopped as we approached to find the owners, Emily and Ryan, literally building their business. After a long conversation which included Emily and I recognizing one another from soccer many years ago, we promised we would be back for ice cream and food. The excitement in Jenna’s voice as we drove home was audible. She couldn’t wait for soft serve cones, so much so, that she (or should I say, we) invested on Kickstarter, to which we proudly don our Sugarpine t-shirt.

Sure enough, two days after the grand opening, we packed up the dogs and headed to the dog park. Yes, we used our dogs as an excuse to travel to mile marker 1 on the Columbia River Highway and it was totally worth it! Even on a cloudy summer day, the place was packed. We walked up to the window and ordered a Chicken salad sandwich. This chicken was juicy and delicious, mixed with the right amount of crunch and perfect mayo ratio. It was so delicious that even though we weren’t hungry we decided to try the Caprese waffle sandwich with chips. This too was great! The waffle added a dash of decadence that one doesn’t often taste with a simple Caprese sandwich.


Even though we were stuffed, we made a third trip to the ordering window because we HAD to try the soft serve. We both ordered twists without any topping. I wanted to taste both the chocolate and vanilla without any interruptions. Was I glad I did. The chocolate was silky and smooth, but the vanilla, for me, was the best vanilla soft serve I’ve tasted. We have been back numerous times with and without the kids. Emily and Ryan are always so kind and go out of their way to step aside and say hello. I’d like to say this is a hidden gem on the way to the gorge but frankly I don’t think it’s too hidden as their culinary abilities have skyrocketed them throughout the press.

Our family unanimously loves Sugarpine as its concept seems to be simple favorites with a classy flare!

Address: 1208 E Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060

Phone: (503) 665-6558