Troutdale, OR - McMenamins Edgefield 5.16.18

McMenamins Sandwich.jpg

The adventure for today was hiking Dog Mountain Trail in Washington.  As we pulled out of the parking lot we discussed where to go for lunch.  Our reward after a big hike; great food and a drink.  Alexis described a place to me which I could not really truly appreciate until we arrived.  Pulling off I-84 at exit 16 we made our way to McMenamins Edgefield and parked.  The air was brisk and there was a cloud covering, but we still wanted to sit outside.  We found our way to the patio, outside the pub known as the Loading Dock Grill, where wood fires were burning amongst the scattered metal wire tables.  Ash and smoke danced through the sky as we made our way to the table next to the largest fire pit.  Having passed a sign on the side of the road that advertised Wild Fresh Salmon, I now craved it. I ordered the Salmon sandwich while Alexis ordered a salad.  Sipping my Moscow Mule, I took in the atmosphere.  There was an old building next to the patio that had faded signs designating it the Pub; umbrellas and metal wired tables were randomly covering the patio with a few groups of people filling them in.  The area was surrounded by green shrubbery and random metal pipe art.  This is exactly my type of place to relax after a strenuous hike.  No pressure or hustle of the outside world affecting the moment.

After a delicious lunch we walked the grounds viewing the amphitheater, a small pub in a tiny house, the vineyard, the gift store and lastly the glass blowing studio.  We spent the most time here as we watched two experts work to create this beautiful glass jar for olive oil.  I clicked away on my camera, hoping that I could grab at least one decent shot as the glassblowers quickly moved from the fire to their seat.  The two moved with an unspoken grace that let us know this wasn’t their first dance.  When we were about to leave, a glass hummingbird feeder caught our attention. We purchased it not only for its beauty, but as a reminder of an amazing day. 

We highly recommend you check out McMenamins Edgefield and don’t leave there without stopping by The Gorge Glashaus hot glass studio.  The owner Peter Neff was the artist we had the pleasure of watching, but they have several artists that he works with throughout the week. 


Address: 2126 SW Halsey St, Troutdale, OR 97060

Phone: 503.669.8610

Jenna Szyluk