Hood River, OR - Big Horse Brew Pub and Restaurant 7.10.18


This is a very rare post for us, but we are NOT recommending a restaurant.

We were in Hood River looking for a decent place to grab a quick bite and didn't do much research.  We found ourselves climbing several flights to the top.  The woman, who seemed to be the manager, was very pleasant and seated us quickly.  We were hopefully because the tables were full and the view was pretty cool.  I asked to sample a beer while we looked at the menu.  It took 10 mins for that sample to come so we decided to just order something easy.  We ordered the buffalo wings with ranch dressing.  At the same time I ordered another sample of beer.  It took another 10 mins for that sample to come.  They never came back to ask if we decided on a beer and the wings arrived about 40 minutes later.  They were small and the ranch was a smokey bbq ranch that didn't mesh well with the buffalo.  It wasn't until I was halfway done with a wing that they asked if I wanted a beer.  We quickly ate the wings out of sheer hunger and wanting to leave.  

Needless to say we won't be going back there.  Let us know if you have had a different experience!

Address: 115 State St, Hood River, OR 97031

Phone: 541.386.4411 


Jenna Szyluk