There is a feeling when you reached the top of a lookout or the bottom of a waterfall that fills the soul.  It's a moment when you breath deeply and know that all your daily worries can be overcome. There is so much more happening out there in the world.  We are always chasing that feeling.


Below are all the hikes that we have taken since moving to the PNW in April 2018.  


Our rating is four levels:

  • Family (F) - children as young as 4 yrs old can make it

  • Family Difficult (FD) - a little harder for younger ones, but active children can do it

  • Moderate (M) - not really for younger children and slightly difficult for adults

  • Difficult (D) - this is a hard trail as an active adult

**Please note that our ratings are purely subjective and when planning a family hike you should assess your children and their abilities.**

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