We strive to give our kids the most well rounded and well-versed education. Our goals are to make learning fun and foster each of their individual interests, which at 5 and 8, are broad to say the least. Everyday life is hectic, so we try to keep the kids engaged to foster love, kindness, creativity, cultural sensitivity while staying grounded amidst this chaos we call life.

In this section we post true unfiltered, unstaged pictures of the boys exploring their world.  We share stories and anecdotes of their accomplishments and their interests.  While we can all appreciate a good story, we hope to provide ideas and nuanced ways of making everyday life an adventure.  After all, we as parents continue to learn and hope to share the do’s and don’ts that that we encounter along the way.

Please note that we are not a technology driven family.  The boys receive no “screen time” during the week. I have been asked by parents "what do you do when they throw a fit for not getting the iPad"? My response is simple, they don’t throw fits because they know they won't get it.  They know that imagination and creativity are heavily fostered in our household and that they must play on their own or together and make the most of their surroundings.  Trust me, instilling this thought process into them hasn’t been easy in a world full of TV, iPads, and video games, but we try our best. If you stick with it through the first set of tantrums they will stop and start playing on their own. I know this is hard after a long day of work, but it is easier in the long run. Our family has been there and got through it. We believe in you!

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  • Weekly Local Library exploration

  • Family Game Night

  • School events

  • Cheering for our favorite team on tv

  • Accomplishments

  • Hanging with friends new and old